Viking Quest

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Viking Quest

Post by Adresta » Wed May 15, 2019 5:48 pm

Viking's Quest

You can find the quest giver, Viking Raider *Sea Viking* at the Britain Docks.

Now you must find the Viking Pirate, Frodi, who lives outside of Cove.

After talking with Frodi you will then go collect some Pirate Ale.

Once you have collected some Pirate Ale return back to Frodi and hand him the Ale.

After giving Frodi the Pirate Ale you will be given a book in which you will then need to find the Viking Hunter, Lini whom you will need to speak with.

Lini needs some boar meat for her tasty stew dinner.

Once you have gotten the tasty boar meat return back to Lini and give it to her.

You will be given another book....

Find the Viking Weaponsmith, Kraki in Moonglow for some Heavy wool.

In order to collect the wool you will need to bring back some Steel just outside of Minoc by the water near a camp.

Once you have collected the wool double click on the basket in which it will turn into a jacket and then go back to the Viking Raider and drop it onto him and receive your reward!

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