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Post by Riley » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:22 pm

There are some rules to follow about housing here on Relive UO:

1.) NO deeds will placed outside of the house. This is because if people place a house outside of house (no on the house plot) then if you quit or go inactive and your falls that means your deeded items WILL NOT fall and we have to clean that mess up. And honestly, we really don't want to spend time looking for these cause we can use that time to make this server great.

2.) House gates: You can hue these yourselves. No need to page staff to uni dye your gates. It works the same as uni dying your items.

3.) If you buy an extra house slot deed, which is $60 from the donation room and would like them joined together then just simply page staff to do this for you at NO CHARGE!

4.) To get a house gate simply go to the teleport<custom<house gates then a non colored pad simply double click it, go to your house and click OK and it will place a gate where you are standing. The charge for this is 200k gold coins.

Thanks- †Staff

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