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Post by Riley » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:31 am

When you decide to page staff PLEASE be very descriptive in your page so we are not asking you a million questions to figure out whats going on. It just takes up time trying to figure out how to help whatever the situation may be and that time could be used for us staff to be making the serve more enjoyable for everyone.

-If your stuck then simply hit the help button and select the "My character is physically stuck in game".... You don't need staff to move you anywhere when you have this attached to your paper doll.

-If you donated then please have a book ready with your character name, email, the amount you donated along with what items you want from the donation room. REMEMBER if you donated $10 then that is 100 RD's, $30 is 300 RD's and so on...hopefully you get what I am trying to say....

Please only page as a last resort. We are here to help you but if its something you can easily so yourself then we highly suggest you do so.

Again we want to make this place enjoyable and are working and fixing on things to make do so.

These are just a few items that we get on a daily basis and would like to limit.


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