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Updates 1/16/18

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:06 am
by Gizmo
AS ALWAYS Updates / added files does NOT in any way mean these files will be in use at all or near feature.
I am going to just start posting what I add each time I restart. Makes things easier on me a bit.
AGAIN this means most of the stuff you see on here you actually may never see or works in background and you would never know its there. And some files just are there in case i decide i want to do something randomly. So please take what I add with a grain of salt. I will be sure to let you all are WELL aware of new things actually implemented.

+ Fixed arrow issue so it doesn't drop anymore.
+ Fixed Deserialize issue.
+ Implement logic for attacking items with melee weapons.
+ Special Moves and Weapon Abilities fixes.
+ Spell core clean-up.
+ Razor Updates
+ Fix Pet Leveling System
+ Updated the world teleport to include new Aspect Arena.