Mayor of Britannia

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Mayor of Britannia

Postby Allister » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:18 pm

So I know staff ahs had there hands busy fixing the issues with the merger and with everyones personal lives its hard to do everything. This kind of goes with the action house posted I already posted, since this would be something the mayor could and would do. On the other shard, one of the duties of the Mayor was to help staff with events, doing player based events, and other stuff. Some Examples are, Hide n go Seek, Trivia, the auction house, and prob a ton more. It could be like a election, anyone can run for the position and players would vote on who they would like to be mayor. Then after that term is up another election to elect the next mayor. Just think it would be a good way for players to enjoy events and staff be able to focus more on the projects they are working on.

Thanks, NANANANAN... man I'm bad at this....

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